RunAways is a holiday escape like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. We’re mountain loving, running inspired holidays for the active spirit, embracing the outdoors, the elements and a love of living.

We bring groups of trail runners together and guide them to unique locations that generally only our strength and will can take us to. Mountain peaks and valley depths, single tracks and fire trail, we immerse ourselves in the back country and share the thrill of being in our natural habitat – nature itself!

Each of our tours are different, so you’ll need to read about anything you might be interested in. But what they all share is the culture of experience over competitiveness. This isn’t a training camp. You will be tested. You will be challenged. But you will not be times, judged or bench marked. This is about the memories, the experience and your personal development as gained through physical exertion shared across kindred running spirits.

Ours are tough runs and hikes, but patient and picturesque, designed to give you moments of bliss as you summit mountains to jaw dropping views and pure satisfaction after a hard days trot to arrive at your destination.

When not running, we’re about rest and relaxation over post run cafe feasts and other shared meals, sightseeing and taking in the serenity.

Come run with us. Come and RunAway!