RunAways is proudly safety audit certified by the independent New Zealand safety audit program, OutdoorsMark

At RunAways we want you to have a cracker of time on holiday. The good times roll when we know you’re safe, and that only happens when we put in the hard work behind the scenes for smooth operations and high safety standards. We believe the sweat that goes into planning is the secret sauce that allows everyone to harvest a memorable experience. This is exactly what we’ve done.

To begin with, RunAways has the proper concessions approved by the New Zealand Department of Conservation for all our business activities and all run locations. These aren’t handed out lightly, and we feel we earned the approval to guide groups in the well protected back country of the New Zealand South Island.

Let’s not stop there. RunAways is fully certified by OutdoorsMark, an outdoor activity safety auditor that has comprehensively reviewed our protocols and processes to ensure they are up to the highest standards. This certification requires extensive planning, preparation and forethought. Another well earned tick for RunAways.

Our business operations also fall under the broader domain of the Australian Registered business, Pure Will Pty Ltd, which is based at 69 Uriarra Road, Queanbeyan, NSW. The team at Pure Will have years of experience operating successful outdoor (and indoor) fitness activities, including event management for large outdoor obstacle events, large scale outdoor promotional bootcamps, and the day to day small group fitness, Personal Training and other physical activities that make up the bulk of Pure Will’s operations. Other business operations delivered by Pure Will include the Pure Will Fitness Studio and Functional Running.

Your guides are not just run lovers, but experienced runners with a strong history of ultra endurance sport, both competitive and recreational. Both are accredited as level 2 Recreational Running Coaches by Athletics Australia, and Coach Will is a full time Personal Trainer and business owner with specialist accreditation involving rehabilitation, movement and biomechanics.

Finally, we just give a damn, and have gone the extra mile. Isaac is a local kiwi boy who knows the area like the back of his hand, but both Will and Isaac have spent time and money scoping out the trails and areas to build familiarity and confidence.

Our runs aren’t excessively risky, but we will be taking you to areas that are isolated and carry inherent dangers that come simply from running and traversing the tracks and trails in the great outdoors. From sudden weather changes in the mountains to uncertain footing along the valley floor, the risks are one part of what makes trail running so enjoyable. However, best is if we tackle all the runs without an incident, and we’ve made big efforts to mitigate the risks we can. And, when things do happen to take a sour turn, we’ve planned ahead there too.

If you have any questions at all, from our safety standards, physical requirements, our own experiences or any of our tours, get in touch at