15 Best Things to Do in Silves (Portugal)

15 Best Things to Do in Silves (Portugal)

Located in the Algarve region of Portugal, Silves is a charming town that is steeped in history and culture. Known for its well-preserved castle, beautiful cathedral, and unique attractions, Silves offers visitors an array of activities and attractions that showcase the town’s rich heritage. Overall, Silves is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the Algarve region of Portugal. With its rich history, unique attractions, and beautiful natural surroundings, Silves offers something for everyone.

Interesting facts about Silves:

  • Silves was once the capital of the Algarve region during the Moorish occupation in the 10th century.
  • The town is home to a well-preserved castle, Silves Castle, which was built by the Moors in the 8th century.
  • The Silves Cathedral is one of the most important Gothic-style cathedrals in Portugal, and its construction began in the 13th century.
  • The Chapel of Bones, located in Silves, is decorated with the bones of more than 1,000 monks.
  • Silves is known for its delicious cuisine, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional Portuguese dishes.
  • The town hosts an annual Medieval Fair in August, where visitors can enjoy medieval-themed activities and entertainment.
  • Silves is located near the beautiful Falesia Beach, which boasts stunning cliffs and crystal-clear waters.
  • The Caldas de Monchique, a natural hot spring located near Silves, is said to have therapeutic properties.
  • The region surrounding Silves is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, lizards, and even chameleons.
  • The Serra de Monchique, a mountain range located near Silves, offers visitors a chance to explore the region’s natural beauty through hiking and outdoor activities.

In this article, we will take a look at 15 of the best things to do in Silves.

Explore the Silves Castle

Silves Castle is a historic fortress that dates back to the 8th century. The castle played a significant role in the region’s history as it was occupied by the Moors and later recaptured by the Portuguese. Today, visitors can explore the castle’s impressive walls and towers and enjoy stunning views of the town and the surrounding countryside. The castle is a must-visit for history buffs and those interested in the region’s rich history.

Discover the Archaeological Museum

The Silves Archaeological Museum is a fascinating museum that showcases the town’s rich history. The museum’s collection includes a range of artifacts, including ceramics, coins, and jewelry. Visitors can learn about the region’s Roman and Moorish past and explore the museum’s exhibits, which are informative and well-curated.

Admire the Silves Cathedral

The Silves Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, is a beautiful Gothic-style cathedral that dates back to the 13th century. The cathedral’s intricate design and stunning stained glass windows make it a must-visit attraction in Silves. Visitors can also explore the cathedral’s crypt and admire the impressive altar.

Wander through the Silves Municipal Market

The Silves Municipal Market is a bustling market that offers visitors a taste of the local culture. The market is a great place to sample local produce and products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade crafts, and souvenirs. Visitors can also engage with local vendors and learn about the region’s traditional crafts and culinary specialties.

Visit the Chapel of Bones

The Chapel of Bones, also known as the Capela dos Ossos, is a unique attraction that is sure to leave an impression. The chapel is located in the town’s historic center and is decorated with the bones of more than 1,000 monks. The chapel’s unusual décor is a testament to the region’s rich religious history and is a must-visit for those interested in unique and quirky attractions.

Relax at the Falesia Beach

Falesia Beach is a beautiful beach located just a short drive from Silves. The beach boasts stunning cliffs and crystal-clear waters and is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Visitors can also take a leisurely walk along the beach and enjoy the stunning views.

Enjoy the Scenery at the Silves River

The Silves River is a beautiful natural attraction that offers visitors a chance to enjoy the area’s stunning scenery. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the river’s banks or enjoy a picnic by the water. The river is also a great spot for birdwatching and is home to a variety of wildlife.

Take a Dip in the Caldas de Monchique

The Caldas de Monchique is a natural hot spring that is said to have therapeutic properties. Visitors can take a dip in the hot spring and enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits. The hot spring is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making it a peaceful and rejuvenating spot to visit.

Go Wine Tasting at the Quinta do Frances Winery

The Quinta do Frances Winery is a beautiful winery that produces some of the region’s finest wines. Visitors can take a tour of the winery and learn about the wine-making process before sampling some of the wines. The winery’s stunning location and excellent wines make it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

Take a Boat Tour of the Arade River

The Arade River is a beautiful waterway that winds its way through the Algarve region. Visitors can take a boat tour of the river and enjoy the stunning scenery, including historic landmarks and natural wonders. Boat tours are a great way to see the region from a different perspective and to learn about the area’s history.

Go on a Kayaking Adventure

For those who prefer a more active way to experience the river, kayaking is a great option. Visitors can rent kayaks and explore the river at their own pace, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the occasional glimpse of wildlife. Kayaking is a fun and unique way to experience the region’s natural beauty and is suitable for all skill levels.

Hike the Serra de Monchique

The Serra de Monchique is a beautiful mountain range that offers visitors a chance to explore the region’s natural beauty. Visitors can hike the mountain trails and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The mountain range is home to a variety of wildlife, making it a great spot for nature enthusiasts.

Play Golf at the Pestana Golf Resort

The Pestana Golf Resort is a world-renowned golf course that offers visitors a chance to play on a beautiful course while enjoying the stunning views of the Algarve region. The course is well-maintained and offers a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. The resort also offers a range of amenities, including a spa and restaurant.

Attend the Medieval Fair

The Medieval Fair is an annual event that celebrates Silves’ rich history. The fair features medieval-themed activities and entertainment, including jousting tournaments, traditional food and drink, and music and dancing. The fair is a great way to experience the town’s history and culture and is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Silves is known for its delicious cuisine, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional Portuguese dishes. Visitors can enjoy a meal at one of the town’s many restaurants or sample local specialties at the municipal market. The town’s culinary scene is a must-visit for foodies and those interested in experiencing the local culture.

In conclusion, Silves is a beautiful town that offers visitors an array of activities and attractions. Whether you are interested in history, nature, or simply relaxing on the beach, Silves has something to offer. By exploring the Silves Castle, Silves Cathedral, Archaeological Museum, Chapel of Bones, Falesia Beach, Silves River, Caldas de Monchique, Quinta do Frances Winery, Arade River, Serra de Monchique, Pestana Golf Resort, Medieval Fair, and the local cuisine, visitors can experience the best of what Silves has to offer.


What is the best time to visit Silves?

The best time to visit Silves is during the spring or fall when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller.

How do I get to Silves?

Silves can be reached by car or train. The town is located about 60 km from Faro airport.

Can I visit Silves Castle at night?

No, Silves Castle is only open during the day.

Is kayaking in the Arade River suitable for beginners?

Yes, kayaking in the Arade River is suitable for beginners. There are options for guided tours and rentals for those with experience.

What is the local specialty in Silves?

Silves is known for its fresh seafood and traditional Portuguese dishes, including grilled sardines, octopus rice, and almond tart.


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