20 Best Things to Do in Toronto (Canada)

20 Best Things to Do in Toronto (Canada)

Toronto is a vibrant and diverse city that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or art lover, Toronto has plenty of things to see and do.

Interesting facts about Toronto:

  • Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a population of over 2.7 million people.
  • The name “Toronto” comes from the Mohawk word “tkaronto,” which means “where there are trees standing in the water.”
  • Toronto is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with over 140 languages spoken and a diverse range of ethnic neighborhoods.
  • The CN Tower, located in downtown Toronto, was the tallest freestanding structure in the world when it was completed in 1976. It held the title until 2007 when it was surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  • Toronto is home to the world’s largest underground shopping complex, the PATH, which spans over 30 kilometers and connects 1,200 stores, restaurants, and businesses.
  • The Toronto Islands, located just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto, were actually created by a storm in 1858 that separated a peninsula from the mainland.
  • Toronto is home to the world’s longest street, Yonge Street, which stretches over 1,800 kilometers from the shores of Lake Ontario to the Minnesota border.
  • Toronto is the center of Canada’s film and television industry, with over 50% of Canada’s television production and 25% of its film production taking place in the city.
  • Toronto’s subway system, known as the TTC, is the third-largest in North America, with four lines and 75 stations.
  • Toronto is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, which celebrates Canada’s national sport and honors some of the greatest players in hockey history.

In this article, we’ll explore the 20 best things to do in Toronto to help you plan your trip to this exciting city.

Visit the CN Tower

The CN Tower is a must-see attraction in Toronto. Visitors can take an elevator to the top and enjoy the stunning views of the city from the observation deck, or dine at the tower’s revolving restaurant. The tower also offers the EdgeWalk experience, where visitors can walk around the outside of the tower’s main pod, suspended 1168 feet above the ground.

Explore the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum and a top cultural institution in North America. The museum’s collection includes fossils, art, and artifacts from around the world, with exhibits on natural history, Canadian history, and world cultures. The museum also hosts special exhibitions throughout the year, making each visit a unique experience.

Stroll through the Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are a chain of islands located just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto. The islands offer beautiful views of the city skyline, beaches, parks, and plenty of activities, including bike rentals, picnics, and kayaking. Visitors can also enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the island’s restaurants or cafes.

Check out the Distillery District

The Distillery District is a pedestrian-only area that was once a whiskey distillery. Today, it’s a trendy neighborhood filled with art galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars. Visitors can take a guided tour of the district or explore it on their own, and enjoy the beautiful Victorian-era architecture.

Experience the St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto’s oldest and most famous markets. It has been in operation since 1803 and offers a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods. The market also has restaurants and food stalls serving up a variety of international cuisine, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat.

See a show at the Royal Alexandra Theatre

The Royal Alexandra Theatre is one of Toronto’s oldest and most iconic theatres. It has been in operation since 1907 and has hosted many famous productions over the years. Visitors can catch a show here and experience the theatre’s history and grandeur.

Walk through High Park

High Park is Toronto’s largest public park and a great place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. It has over 400 acres of green space, including walking trails, gardens, and a zoo. The park also has a restaurant, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children, making it a great spot for a family day out.

Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of Canada’s largest art museums, with a collection of over 100,000 works of art. The museum features Canadian, European, and contemporary art, as well as special exhibitions throughout the year. Visitors can also take part in workshops and guided tours.

Shop at Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood located in the heart of Toronto. It’s known for its colorful buildings, street art, and a wide variety of shops and boutiques. Visitors can find everything from vintage clothing to unique souvenirs and artisanal foods.

Go to the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is home to over 5,000 animals from over 450 species. Visitors can explore the zoo’s different habitats, from the African Savanna to the Tundra Trek, and see animals like lions, tigers, gorillas, and polar bears. The zoo also has a variety of interactive exhibits and shows for visitors of all ages.

Visit Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a stunning castle located in midtown Toronto. Built in 1911, the castle features 98 rooms, secret passageways, and beautiful gardens. Visitors can take a guided tour of the castle and learn about its history and architecture, or attend one of the castle’s special events, such as a Halloween haunted house or a Christmas-themed tour.

Take a walk along the Harbourfront

The Harbourfront is a scenic area located along Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. It offers stunning views of the lake and the Toronto skyline, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Visitors can also take a boat tour of the harbor or attend a concert or festival at one of the area’s many venues.

Enjoy a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is a multi-purpose stadium and home to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. Visitors can catch a game here and experience the excitement of baseball in Canada. The stadium also hosts concerts and other events throughout the year.

Explore the Bata Shoe Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum is a unique museum dedicated to the history and culture of footwear. It has a collection of over 13,000 shoes from around the world, including ancient Egyptian sandals, medieval European boots, and modern high heels. Visitors can also learn about the history of shoemaking and the role of shoes in different cultures.

Check out the Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is a cultural institution dedicated to Islamic art and culture. It has a collection of over 1,000 objects, including paintings, ceramics, and textiles, from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The museum also hosts concerts, lectures, and workshops, making it a great place to learn about Islamic art and culture.

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a museum and a shrine to Canada’s national sport. It has exhibits on the history of hockey, famous players, and the Stanley Cup. Visitors can also try their hand at shooting and goaltending in the interactive games area, making it a fun and interactive experience for hockey fans of all ages.

Take a trip to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a natural wonder and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Toronto. It’s located about 90 minutes from the city and offers stunning views of the waterfall, as well as a variety of activities, including boat tours, zip-lining, and casinos. Visitors can also explore the nearby town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, known for its wineries and charming small-town atmosphere.

Visit the Toronto Botanical Garden

The Toronto Botanical Garden is a beautiful oasis located in the heart of the city. It has over 17 themed gardens, including a children’s garden, a rose garden, and a sustainable garden. Visitors can also attend workshops, classes, and events, making it a great place to learn about gardening and sustainability.

Explore the Toronto Islands with a Canoe or Kayak

Exploring the Toronto Islands by canoe or kayak is a fun and unique way to see the city from a different perspective. Visitors can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle through the lagoons, channels, and beaches of the islands, and enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline.

Visit the Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre is a science museum that offers hands-on exhibits and interactive displays on a variety of topics, including space, technology, and human biology. Visitors can also attend science shows, workshops, and demonstrations, making it a great place to learn about science and technology in a fun and engaging way.


Toronto is a city that has something for everyone, from iconic landmarks to cultural institutions, beautiful parks, and exciting nightlife. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, there’s always something new to discover and explore in this vibrant and diverse city.


What is the best time to visit Toronto?

The best time to visit Toronto is from May to September when the weather is warm and there are plenty of outdoor activities and events.

How can I get around Toronto?

Toronto has a reliable and extensive public transportation system, including buses, subways, and streetcars. Taxis, ride-sharing services, and bike rentals are also available.

What are some of the best neighborhoods to explore in Toronto?

Some of the best neighborhoods to explore in Toronto include Kensington Market, the Distillery District, Queen West, and Yorkville.

What are some of the best restaurants in Toronto?

Toronto has a thriving food scene, with a wide variety of restaurants offering everything from international cuisine to farm-to-table dining. Some popular restaurants include Buca, Bar Isabel, and Alo.

What are some of the best festivals and events in Toronto?

Toronto hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Pride Toronto, Caribana, and the Canadian National Exhibition.


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